This podcast started when the host, Andrew Johnstone, decided that all the reviews of podcasts he had seen were terrible. iTunes and similar podcast hives featured 1 or 5 star ratings with comments that read “GR8TIST PODCEST EVAR!? or  “THIS @$%@!$ WAS THE WORST @!@#@# I EVER !!%%!@@!!!?” That doesn’t help anyone.

So here at Podcast Squared the goal is to provide brief,constructive and informative reviews of podcasts so that interested parties can take 10 minutes out of their week to find out what they might like or hate. In addition, there are many interesting and wonderful people hosting these podcasts and they deserve a chance to tell their story and maybe step out of their usual role for once. This is where the interviews come in, which are meant to be entertaining, interesting, and give the listener a sense of who this podcaster is and what their show might be like.

Podcasts are rated based on the following scale from worst to best:

Delete: This show is really bad. It lacks focus or sense, probably has terrible audio quality, is uninteresting or just poorly executed. Also, a 5 minute trip to a relevant blog might be more fruitful so delete this one from your list of potential listens.

Hit or Miss: The middle of the road, we like it but…it’s missing something. Either someone goes off the deep end on some episodes or maybe the content varies from show to show. Subscribe to this podcast at your own risk and do be sure to check this podcast’s show notes to see if maybe its not the episode you want this week.

Subscribe: This show is well executed, interesting. It could be only geared to a very specific audience or it may be a bit rough around the edges. Lots of people will surely enjoy this show either way it might just be worth checking out anyway.