Podcast Squared #216- Series Finale

This extra sized episode is the FINAL EPISODE EVER (possibly, I mean never say never)

Joining me are the two men who have been on more episodes of this show than anyone else. From the Titanium Physicists we have Ben Tippett and from Movies on Up! good ol’ Dave Biscella.

We talk about the future of podcasting after this show ends. Podcast Movement is mentioned, Earbuds and the other documentaries coming out soon are mentioned, The bummer that is the Podcast Championships and of course the hopefully successful Pod Fund. Plus we come up with two amazing ideas: Tumblr for Podcasts and a Podcast Deathmatch. Also at some point the three of us get about as emotional as 30ish year old white guys can get about the end of a podcast, so that’s pretty fun.

I want to thank everyone that has been listening to the show and be sure to stay tuned to this feed because I will be dropping all the info in the next couple weeks on my new podcast, This Almost Happened, so you’ll probably want to check that out.