Podcast Squared #194- ‘How To’ Apps with Libsyn’s Rob Walch

Our returning guest this week is Rob Walch the Vice President of Podcaster Relations over at Libsyn, which is still the #1 provider of podcast hosting services.

In the past we have delved into apps, both large and small in scale. We even discussed personalized apps in previous episodes but this week I wanted to know more. What does it take to really make an app? How exactly can you use one of these apps to present your material in new and interesting ways? Is this the kind of thing a podcaster can take on alone or does it require more resources than the average person can muster on their own? Rob Walch has been advocating the widespread usage of personal apps for a long time now and says that they are growing in popularity every day. This isn’t the last time I intend to tackle this subject but for today it is a great wealth of information on how much goes into making an app and how much podcasters can get out of it.