News Round Up for the Week of 11/13/12

On Monday’s episode we mentioned that there were a few podcast related news stories that didn’t make the cut. We were not kidding. Here is the first in a regular series of blog posts where we round up the news stories we didn’t have the time to cover on the show:

– The Denver Post recently interviewed Aisha Tyler from Girl On Guy and dedicated a pretty respectable amount of time to her podcasting exploits in addition to her time hosting The Talk.

The Huffington Post is expanding its podcast coverage with their Adam Carolla interview which front loads the podcast talk before moving on to classic Carolla antics.

Zoinks Online actually has a podcast version of this interview with Chris Hardwick where they talk about the new comedy boom and Chris’ yearning for radio as it used to be.

-Long time podcast legends Keith and the Girl are hoping to raise 10k through the magic of Kickstarter

-While a lot of people will use Kickstarter to get their podcast off the ground, Wired has found someone that started a podcast to get their Kickstarter off the ground.

-Adding a bit of academic flare to the podcast news coverage is none other than Oxford University Press Blog with their write up for Philosophy Bites Back

The folks over at Blogworld have declared November “Podcasting Month” and they’ve challenged podcasters to create a new episode every day for all of November.

-You may be familiar with Stitcher’s mobile app for streaming podcasts on the go, well now they’ve got a new app designed for home computers as well.

That’s it for the news this week, feel free to let us know what you think about these stories in the comments below or send us the news stories you’ve found interesting to