Podcasts To Haunt Your Halloween

Just like Michael from The No Call No Show said on Monday’s episode, the rest of the Halloween episodes have plopped on the week of Halloween. What a surprise! Here’s a round up of some high quality, spooky episodes worth a listen:

The Comedy Film Nerds have returned to Shriekfest for the 3rd year in a row to talk about the best in horror and where the genre is headed. The interviews are all too brief but densely packed with info about movies horror fans are probably missing out on. Do stay tuned to Chris Mancini’s own horror film that promises to be interesting.

Good Job, Brain! has  their own Halloween themed quizzes and nuggets of information this week. The most terrifying thing they mention? Farmers are feeding their cows candy! CANDY! Only in America could corn syrup be cheaper than corn. The most surprising reveal of the episode has to be that BJ Novak collects Cadbury eggs. That’s just weird. While the show is less terrifying than other Halloween episodes, the sugar high you’ll get from Karen Chu’s bubbly personality is perfect for candy addicts.

We’re Alive begins the end of it’s 3rd season with a nonstop thrill ride. The wolves are at the freaking gate! WHAT THE HELL IS GONNA HAPPEN!!!! It’s terrifying and if you haven’t been listening to the show all along, go now! It’s the most frightening thing you can put in your ears.

Greg Proops is continuing to inject his Film Club events into his regular podcast feed and this week he screened the ridiculous zombie gore/naked lady fest Return of the Living Dead. This movie is 100% zombie camp and Proops is the only man with enough wit, and knowledge of obscure things nobody cares about to take RotLD to task while still appreciating it’s silly beauty. While the format of the show is still a little awkward, the background info on the movie is a must listen for all Living Dead fans.

That’s all I’ve had time to listen to during the epic hurricane of 2012. Let us know what our favorite Halloweenie podcast episodes have been in the comments below.