Podcast Squared #130- 56 Shopping Days Until Christmas

Our guest host this week (did you think Dave was back full time?) is the host of The No Call No Show and my brother, Michael Johnstone.

It’s a slow news week but some friendly folks did post an article on how to get basic functionality out of your Beyond Pod podcatcher through some secret menu shenanigans. Other than that the only business going on is that right now is podcast awards nomination season. There are three major awards that you can submit your favorite shows to including the European Podcast Awards, the Stitcher Awards and the people’s choice popularity contest called The Podcast Awards.

As it is Halloween this week we round up some of our favorite Halloween themed episodes of quality podcasts this year including:

The We Hate Movies episodes for Friday The 13th: Part V and Bordello of Blood.

The Bowery Boys 6th annual look into the myriad of ghost stories and spiritual weirdness in NYC.

The Nerdist’s interview with Lauren Cohan from the Walking Dead TV show.

Up for review is another Halloweenie show that both Michael and Andrew took a listen to. Appropriately, it’s called Halloween Haunt and you’ll have to listen to find out what terrors it wrought on our poor minds.