Podcast Squared #127- Live From LA Podfest With Chris Gore!

Well it’s been a whole week so I guess it’s time to wrap up our time at La Pod Fest…this year.

My guest has been on more podcasts than pretty much anyone because of course his podcast requires him to crash other people’s shows. You may know him from his DVD reviews on G4 or his popular publication, Film Threat, or perhaps his unique and well produced podcast PodCrash, it’s Chris Gore! He is also joined by the hardest working man in podcasting, PodCrash producer Shawn Marek!  We talk about what makes PodCrash work, our thoughts on LA Podfest and finding the podcast tribe, as well as an in depth discussion of the essential elements that make up a great podcast. Podcast nerds rejoice, this is the ultimate podcast discussion from the guys that do podcast podcasts, so enjoy.