Podcast Squared #125- Karen & Chris from Good Job Brain!

Our guests this week make up 2/4 (that’s 1/2) of the super podcast trivia team over at  Good Job Brain! It’s Karen Chu and Chris Kohler! We talk about how kickstarter can help podcasters, how podcasts seem to get more positive feedback, and there is a special extended edition of the lightning round featuring some really hard trivia. If you would like to participate alongside the hosts I have provided the questions and answers below in this blog post.


1. The Carib people, or Kalinago are the native people of the Caribbean. English explorers often document hearing the word karibna used during sacred rituals. What does Karibna mean?
2. Who is the star of the 1973 classic science fiction film Soylent Green?
3. What famous party of 87 American Pioneers found itself trapped in the Sierra Nevada mountains in the early winter of 1846?
1 Introduced in The Brave and the Bold # 30 in 1960, what super villain turned Justice League member can copy the abilities of all the heros he meets in combat?
2 Following the conclusion of WWII and the dissolution of what remained of the Great Powers of Europe, what two powerful nations remained to carry on with the Cold War?
3 What pop culture icon is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and  able to leap tall buildings in a single bound –
1 In the popular Animaniacs cartoon, what were the names of the two featured characters that were a couple of hip, over indulgent, wealthy spaniards pursued by an obsessed zoologist that did not realize they were cultured creatures outside of the wild.
2 name this man who in 1861 while trying to design new weaponry for the Civil War witnessed bored soldiers stationed in Springfield and began producing small games for hungry. hungry soldiers to play during their downtime?
3 Certain species of bird, such as the Oxpecker, feed on the parasites that live on the backs or in the mouths of other animals, often with the seeming consent of the parasite’s host. What is the term for the relationship between the bird and the host?
2 What is the term for a homogeneous, non-individualised group of performers in the plays of classical Greece, who comment with a collective voice on the dramatic action.
3 DJ Danger Mouses’s 2004 internet phenomenon The Grey Album is a combination of Jay Z’s Black Album and the Beatles White Album. What term is used to describe these types of musical combinations. .
1  What Grammy award winning actress originated the role of Wendla in the musical Spring Awakening?



Charleton Heston

Donner Party




Flavio and Marita.

Milton Bradley

Symbiosis. or mutualism
Greek Chorus

Mash Up

Lea Michele