Podcast Squared #124- Sex Islands with Jon Wiener

This week’s special guest host knows about four things exclusively: erotic fan fiction, teenagers, veganism, and podcasts. He should probably be arrested…He is the host of Vegan Snack Attack and Hey, Teens! With Jon & Eric it’s Jon Wiener!

In the news there is an interview with Adam Carolla that talks as much about podcasts as it does things we don’t care about. The New Media Expo is going to be in Las Vegas in January and all you Bloggers/Podcasters have a chance to win a scholarship to go for a FREE TRIP! The hit Showtime show, ‘Dexter’ is joining the ever growing list of TV shows that have official companion podcasts.  Which podcatcher app is best for iOS? This lengthy post will tell you in excruciating detail. Finally our list for this week comes from an actual podcast. The folks behind Dorktown break down their favorite mainstream and indie podcasts each month and here is the latest list.

Up for review are two incredibly different podcasts. Using his expert knowledge of fake sex, Jon takes a listen the the nerdy, sexy, serious and yet silly sex advice show Sex Nerd Sandra. Andrew on the other hand gives you a glimpse into an archipelago you’ve never heard of but might be interested in with his review of The Faroe Islands Podcast

Music from the show:

Jah Roots- Stepping Out of Babylon – SELASSIE_I_DUB_INTRO


Scott Joplin- Maple Leaf Rag