Podcast Squared #122- Marital Obligations

My special guest host for this week is none other than my wife, Sarah! The very same wife that first got me into podcasts.

In the news we discuss a funny little thread on meta filter that asks: What podcasts are good for ignoring? Marc Maron gets a shallow but pod-centric interview over at the Detroit Free Press. Lifehacker has some ok tips on how to streamline your podcast list into a sort of personal radio station. The Unofficial Apple Weblog has their own tip on how to use ITPC links in Apple’s troubled Podcast App. Finally our list for the week comes from one of Sarah’s favorite blogs, Geek Sugar counts down the best tech podcasts for people who can’t stand the techno babble.

No show’s up for review this week, instead Andrew gives a half review half recap of this weekend’s Pod Camp East.