Podcast Squared #122- Marital Obligations

My special guest host for this week is none other than my wife, Sarah! The very same wife that first got me into podcasts.

In the news we discuss a funny little thread on meta filter that asks: What podcasts are good for ignoring? Marc Maron gets a shallow but pod-centric interview over at the Detroit Free Press. Lifehacker has some ok tips on how to streamline your podcast list into a sort of personal radio station. The Unofficial Apple Weblog has their own tip on how to use ITPC links in Apple’s troubled Podcast App. Finally our list for the week comes from one of Sarah’s favorite blogs, Geek Sugar counts down the best tech podcasts for people who can’t stand the techno babble.

No show’s up for review this week, instead Andrew gives a half review half recap of this weekend’s Pod Camp East.

3 thoughts on “Podcast Squared #122- Marital Obligations”

  1. Ok – I held my tongue and did this privately for as long as I could. Let me preface this by saying: I like your show. You provide something that is missing in the Podcast realm. But – I cannot let this one go – and I hope you approve this for moderation as a tempered, well thought out reponse to your review of Podcamp East. I actually had this written a while ago, and saved it. I’ve always believed in the motto – “praise in public, criticize in private. In this case though – it’s the internet and views should be heard. For those who might read this comment – I sent this in an audio comment to Andrew and he did not respond. If this gets posted – he’s a good guy – because he’s willing to let crticism go public, which is ultimately healthy. So here it is:

    I thought your review of Podcamp East was unfair and sounded very unprepared. I think you could have had the schedule in front of you, so you could have talked more about the sessions you attended with more authority, and as a prompt as to what they were. Having attended Michael J Carrasquilo’s session – I found his story intriguing – the details of it were interesting. I enjoyed hearing how not only did his podcast come out of an adverse situation – but the actual production also lent itself to the social aspect of having people over for dinner before they were on the podcast – which relaxed them before getting on the show. You never mentioned his podcast by name in the review. As far as my session goes – I felt like it was way more than a style guide – considering how and when your listeners listen to your show can definitely inform how you do your show, what it should sound like, etc… And again you never mentioned me by name nor did you mention my podcast (as defunct as it now is! ;-) ). I don’t think you mentioned any other sessions you attended aisde from the Senator’s in the morning.

    I also think you missed some opportunities to catch up with some folks who had been around podcasting since its early days. CC Chapman was a podsafe music pioneer and helped found the Podsafe Music Network. Chris Penn did the Financial Aid Podcast and still does Marketing over Coffee. Whitney Hoffman did the Learning Disabilities podcast and pioneered medical podcasts with a podcast for OB-GYNs. Lynette Young was one of the first podcasters to get major sponsorship on her podcast which was about scrapbooking. Chel Wolverton was at the event – and she worked with an early podsafe musician – Matthew Ebel – who did a podcast of his own (High Orbit). They have all been around since 2004-2005. Maybe you DID talk to them and network – but we’d never know it from your review.

    Some of the other sessions – thought not directly PODCAST topics – were of interest and relateable to podcasters – using WordPress, promoting things online, using Google+, these all are things podcasters can use. We had some Audacity sessions on the second day which you missed. And you missed my session on Sunday which was an interview with the two people behind one of the most successful video podcasts – a cooking show called Feed Me Bubbe which exploded into a book deal for the creators/hosts.

    You did have a good point in there – absolutely we needed more promotion around the event, and that we can take as constructive criticism from your review. But it wasn’t as under-attended as you made it seem.

    Overall I thought your review was unfair because it so glossed over the event, providing almost no details or concrete information about the event. Knowing that you review podcasts and do that based around listening to them and making notes – I just expected more from you.

    Thanks for listening and posting this as a counterpoint to your review.

    1. Of course I’ll approve that, I criticize people openly on my show, gotta let the non-agro filth get published here.
      I actually went to attend 2 other sessions, both of which were canceled because no one bothered to show up to present at them.
      Where was I supposed to meet CC Chapman? There was barely even a space to meet people or anytime for people to hang out and meet unless you were in on some lunch schedule. Maybe Sunday had more time for that but while I was there all I saw were people with eyes downcast rushing into another room.
      Nothing wrong with related panels, they just shouldn’t be 95% of the programming at a podcast convention/conference/expo/festival. More like…1/3 at the most.
      What I walked into felt disorganized, and mostly off topic. A room for networking, more actual podcasters talking about podcasting instead of how to use twitter best, and people that show up to their panels would be a big improvement. Maybe everything you attended was perfect and wonderful, but everything I attended (except for your panel, which was the highlight of the whole camp for me) was done poorly. Maybe I just walked into all the rough spots and missed the good stuff.

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