Podcast Squared #121- Therapy in Podcasting Panel

Its the last Thursday of the month and that means it’s panel time! This month we have a very helpful panel about therapy podcasts. These are the podcasts that don’t just seek to inform or entertain but also to help people through some of their problems. In no way shape or form should any podcast be used instead of professional help from a doctor or licensed therapist, but they might be a good way to recognize one’s need for professional help or a little extra addendum to weekly therapy sessions. To help us talk about these shows we have assembled a small but potent group of therapy podcasters. First she is the host of The Dream Show and a professional dream therapist specializing in dream analysis and alchemy, its Jane Teresa Anderson! Our 2nd and final panelist is a stand up comedian and has the perfect voice for comforting listeners and making self-depricating jokes, he is the host of The Mental Illness Happy Hour, it’s Paul Gilmartin!