Podcast Squared #120- Guest Star Hall of Game #2

This week’s guest host is the endlessly hilarious dork about dorks and host of The Dork Forest (so many dorks) it’s Podcast Squared perennial favorite Jackie Kashian!

To start off the news we have a return to the iOS podcast app and how it has improved from terrible to usable in just two months. Over at Scientific American there is a top notch editorial recommending that scientists take to making more podcasts, which we totally agree with. In the category of podcasts doing good, some college students have started a podcast that hopes to inform people about their voting rights. Finally, with a flawless segue, an article about a former NPR host trying to cover the wooly world of congress in a podcast and make $10k per episode!

First in our reviews is a fairly new podcast that is actually  being previewed. Jackie takes at look at the irreverent and endlessly fascinating Dana Gould Hour. Andrew takes a crack at future guest Chris Kohler’s very tight and informative gaming podcast, Game Life.

Here’s the Sarah Silverman video we talked about

And the Planet of the Apes dork episode of The Dork Forest

Music from the show:

Jah Roots- Stepping Out of Babylon – SELASSIE_I_DUB_INTRO


Scott Joplin- Maple Leaf Rag