Podcast Squared #118- Guest Star Hall Of Fame Part 1

Today our guest host subbing in for Dave Biscella is long time podcast helper, general podcast production guru and the host of The Podcaster’s Studio it’s Ray Ortega!

In the news: Variety magazine did a featured interview with WTF’s Marc Maron and managed to only use the word podcast once. The ever growing list of terrestrial radio DJ’s ditching their day jobs for internet glory has gotten even longer this week according to the OC Register. Pod Camp East is just around the corner so Andrew and Ray talk about what you can expect and where you should go to sign up now! Our list for the week is the conclusion to last week’s list with the rest of the Top 10 podcast apps for Android devices.

Up for review this week is only one show, but Andrew and Ray both tackle it from their own angle. The show under consideration is a comedy chat show featuring a quirky and entertaining husband and wife duo that tackle the most important topics of the day such as adult babies, it’s Tiny Odd Conversations.