Podcast Squared #113- Audio Fiction Panel

Its yet another monthly panel episode! Today we are talking about the very diverse and fascinating world of audio fiction. This radio dramas of the 1930s  but updated for the modern times. Our panel is made up of three very different and incredibly significant producers of audio fiction podcasts. From the world of comedy we have the co-creator of the very popular Thrilling Adventure Hour, Ben Acker! From the world of mystery and creepiness, he is the creator of Wormwood and its comic book spin off Sparrow & Crowe it’s David Accampo! Finally from the world of super nerdiness, and representative of all women everywhere for eternity, she is the creator of 19 Nocturne Boulevard, it’s Julie Hoverson!

Check out Ben and TAH for not one but TWO shows at the Largo in LA September 8th! Buy tickets here http://largo.laughstub.com/show.cfm?id=180870&cart

David will have a special e-comic coming out so stay tuned to the Sparrow& Crowe website for updates

And Julie…well she’s always doing something everyday of note so just follow her. Not in real life though.