Podcast Squared #110- Pop Quiz

In the news: Huff Po among others talks about the new Jay Mohr podcast network that we thought was already active as well as a Splitsider network that took us by surprise. The Chicago Tribune did a nice little piece on Steve Dahl to celebrate his one year anniversary of pay walled podcasting. The Globe and Mail lists it’s favorite podcasts to listen to on a road trip while Andrew and Dave fumble when they try to list their own.

Also in the news is the new Indie Go Go crowd funding campaign for Podcast Squared. This is to help fund a trip to Los Angeles in order to cover the Los Angeles Podcast Festival. The plan is to do some summary episodes and a big after festival review show with interviews and commentaries from the fans and podcasters at the festival. If you want to help make this happen, just click on the link above that says “Kickstarter/IndieGoGo” or y’know...this link here and pitch us a buck!

Up for review this week from Dave is a podcast for the hardcore music aficionados it’s Friends of Dan. From Andrew is the podcast perfect for pub quiz fanatics its the positively addictive Good Job, Brain!

Our guests this week are the former hosts of Stranger Fan Fiction and the new hosts of Hey Teens! With Jon and Eric…and I just spoiled who they are…thanks Jon and Eric!

Music from the show:

Jah Roots- Stepping Out of Babylon – SELASSIE_I_DUB_INTRO


Scott Joplin- Maple Leaf Rag