Podcast Squared Panel #6- Education in Podcasting

This is a really fascinating discussion about podcasts as educational tools despite the fact that it sounds like the most boring thing in the world. The guests for this month’s panel are both returning guests to Podcast Squared. first there is Corey Olson who is a professor of medieval literature at Washington College in Maryland as well as the internet famous Tolkien Professor. Also joining us is the mathematics wunderkind and post-doc from Memorial University of Newfoundland, the ring leader of the Titanium Physicists, Ben Tippett. There are some really deep insights given about how podcasts are useful in education, how they engage people in a way that traditional classrooms can’t, a heavily biased 3-way take on the value of oral tradition, and the future of podcasts in online education with the advent of online universities like Corey’s Mythgard. It’s really the kind of exciting stuff that we started these panels for in the first place so you definitely want to take a listen and let us know what you think about this discussion in the comments below.