Podcast Squared Panel #5- Live Podcasts

Our panel this month focuses on a growing trend in the podcast world: doing it live. This includes the typical live event involving physical venues where fans have to show up and occupy the same general 3 dimensional zone as the hosts as well as shows that take advantage of UStream, Justin TV, Live Stream and other streaming services to present their pre-recorded show live over the internet. It’s a pretty effective way to get instant feedback from the listeners and has proven to be a successful way to generate revenue among many comedy podcasts. To talk about this subject we have invited on two previous guests who have each taken advantage of one of the different methods of live podcasting: Representing the live streaming category there is but only lonely member of the Nerdpocalypse crew that was brave enough to return to Podcast Squared its the loveable one, Jay! Also returning to the show and also loveable in a surly kind of way is the ring leader of the We Hate Movies podcast and long time live performer in the meat space, Andrew Jupin! There’s a lot to talk about and a lot of interesting thoughts on how to integrate live performance into a podcast and advice on how to get started (pssst, just do it!) so listen up and get excited.