Podcast Squared #102- Only In Dreams

In the news:

A really excellent article about how Slate is making more money on podcasts than other material because they actually use advertising their audience cares about. A podcast in Columbus, Ohio is taking a cue from Never Not Funny and using its popularity to raise money for charity. Meanwhile, some people who want to help soldiers re-adjust to life after the battle field is using a podcast to share experiences and offer advice. Finally, lesbian news site Autostraddle lists a bunch of great podcasts and makes Andrew ask the question: what is the state of sexuality in podcasting?

Up first for review is the filler show that drops knowledge on you and despite his aversion to education, Dave has some good things to say about Skeptoid. Andrew lives out all his latent fantasies about Frasier with his review of the hilariously erotic Stranger Fan Fiction.

Our guest this week is a world renowned dream analyst and fellow Lifestyle Podnetwork host its Jane Teresa Anderson from The Dream Show!

Music from the show:

Jah Roots- Stepping Out of Babylon – SELASSIE_I_DUB_INTRO


Scott Joplin- Maple Leaf Rag