Podcast Squared #91- Sexual Canada

Continuing our new format we start things off with a news story before Dave gets down and dirty with his review of S&M Rants. Andrew dives into the long box with his review of The Secret Identity Podcast. Today’s guest is the funniest neighbor to the north that lives in the American southwest it’s Peter Oldring from This Is That!

Today’s news story: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2012/03/26/prweb9325497.DTL

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Music from the show:

Jah Roots- Stepping Out of Babylon – SELASSIE_I_DUB_INTRO


Scott Joplin- Maple Leaf Rag


One thought on “Podcast Squared #91- Sexual Canada”

  1. Thanks for your feedback, Dave! And for listening to a few episodes to make the call.

    I had been wondering if the premise was unclear and if we should begin the show with an explanation (we did on our very last episode) – so it was especially great to hear input on that.

    I also loved the “children’s show” comment – totally understand that. I try to make it very fast and entertaining – probably because I myself have such a low-attention span when it comes to podcast listening. And I completely agree that if you don’t like my personality – you won’t like the show. With my favorite podcasters, I listen to them because in spite of the “horrible things” they say, they are so funny and I just respond to their personality and sense of humor.

    Great to get an objective report about the show in general. Cheers!

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